12 Dec 2011

Helping Kids Stay Cool While Giving Back

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Mike Hammar
231 E. Alessandro Blvd.
Ste. A-200
Riverside, CA 92508
(951) 202-0561


A Little Mist Goes a Long Way Toward Helping the Community

Riverside, CA, December, 3 2011 – When Mike Hammar started his personal mister business in 2011, he, like many new business owners, wanted to offer a great product at a great price. But there’s more to USA Misters than affordable cool mist on a hot day. “USA Misters’ commitment to keeping low overhead means we can give back through fundraisers and donations,” says Hammar. “From soccer clubs to public schools, memorial foundations to food banks, our business is here to give back and bless others.”

With a product like USA Misters personal mister bottles, Hammar sees great potential to make money for good causes. The mister, which resembles a 1-liter water bottle with a sprayer cap, uses a manual pump to pressurize plain water into a fine, cooling mist — without battery power, electricity or aerosols. It doesn’t just offer a refreshing spritz, the fine mist actually temporarily reduces the temperature of the air. The colorful mister bottles have been used to cool folks down at outdoor concerts, ballgames, summer festivals, amusement parks — anywhere people need to cool down on a hot day.
USA Misters personal mister bottles are geared for any age, but some of the best customers are kids, who, when they’re not using it to cool down with the mist setting, have been known to adjust the brass tip to spray streams of water up to ten feet. The USA Misters personal mister bottle can also be used to mist and water plants, rinse off scraped knees and even train pets.

USA Misters is ready to partner with regional chains, local independent shops, large concert/fair venues and local swap meets with low prices, on-time deliveries, and attention to customer care. To learn more about USA Misters products, visit the official website at www.usamisters.com.


USA Misters was founded in 2011 with the mission of keeping customers cool while giving back to the community through personal misting products. For more information, contact: Mike Hammar at (951) 202-0561.

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